Energy Conservation

Save & Conserve Energy


Synchronize all the functionalities of your house and experience a luxurious yet cost effective lifestyle. Your house’s lights, shades, music, security and air conditioning- all work together to elevate your satisfaction and alleviate the energy usage. When the external light is substantial, the shades open and the artificial lights go off

Sub 100% Performance

Do you always require the same amount of light? The requirement varies as per your activity. With I & A app, you can specify your activity and the light shall be utilized to the limit that best suits that activity. Given that the lights are not being used at 100% all the time, it leads to considerable saving on energy bills

Motion Sensors

Why would your air conditioner need to work when you are not in the room? Same is the case with your lights too. When you use the I & A app, your smart lightings and HVAC sense your presence and cease working when you are not in the room. Astounding, isn’t it?


Save & Conserve Energy

As the calls for energy saving become more vociferous due to its escalating costs and the recent manifestation of global warming, people have looked for ways in which they can keep their energy use to the minimum possible. Here is an app which can sync all functionalities of your house to make your energy utilization smarter, and hence the least possible.