Lighting Controls

Power of Transforming any place with the lights

Mood Lighting

Family time, relaxing or spending rare but quality time with your partner??? Let your lights replicate your mood

It's Party Time

If you are full of the joys and parting hard, allow your lights to tune with your music and celebrate with you

Security Mode

Sleep calmly as the system ensures your security. It puts the lights on if there is some movement at pre-registered locations of the house

Energy Conservation

Contribute to mother earth’s cause by using only as much light as you desire. The app detects external light and your activity to set the level and amount of lighting

Away Mode

Moving out? Why worry about switching off all the lights? Simply shift your lighting’s mode to ‘Away’ through your smart device and all lights shall be switched off automatically


Power of Transforming any place with the lights

Whether you are away from the house or hosting a party at home or relaxing after a long day, let these smart lights empathize with your mood and activity. Not only does such solution compliment all your activities seamlessly, it also happens to help you conserve energy, keep your house and belongings secure and let you be worry free.